Apple Pork Chop’s Baked with Breadcrumbs

applejuiceWalshe’s Freshly Pressed Apple Juice

• 4 Pork Chops
• 250ml Walshe’s Freshly Pressed Apple Juice
• 1 onion (Chopped thinly into Rings)
• 250g Breadcrumbs (or enough to cover dish)
• 1 ovenproof dish

Place Pork Chops in base of ovenproof dish. Pour Walshe’s apple juice over each pork chop. Place onion slices (rings) on top of Pork and top with Breadcrumbs. Place in a preheated oven until Pork Chops are cooked throughout. Suggest 180°C for 25 minutes however ALL OVEN’s VARY.
(For a little extra fruitiness try adding some dried cranberries and pine nuts to the breadcrumbs, this is a Walshe’s Family Favourite!