Frequently Asked Questions

orangequestionIs there anything added to our Juice?
Nope! We are made from 100% Fruit. There is absolutely NO Sugar added or anything else! Literally just the juice from the fruit, straight into the Bottle!

Is Walshe’s Made in Ireland?
Yes it is indeed!. Paul started squeezing orange juice in his home village of Tinryland in 1998 and the headquarters still remains in the same village in County Carlow!

Does the Product Really have to be Refrigerated?
Yes it does! Because Walshe’s is made from 100% Fresh Product it is really important that it is kept chilled! It also makes it taste so fresh when its chilled!

Is Walshe’s Juice Concentrated?
No Way! Our Juice is made from 100% Fresh Juice. This is a serious step away from concentrated juice or NFC juice. We don’t believe in calling Fresh Juice, Fresh Juice when anything has been taken away, added(Concentrated) or even Frozen(NFC). That’s why we truly are REALLY FRESH

Any other Queries?
Please just ask out helpful team! Any queries at all they will set you straight!.