Why are Walshe’s REALLY Fresh?

pyramidWalshe’s don’t just make the same stuff as everyone else.
We consider ourselves as the Best!

We have been carrying out the craft of squeezing fresh juices since 1998 in County Carlow and take pride in making fresh juice that is REALLY Fresh.

In a world where confusion reigns on terms such as NFC and Concentrate, and where there are so many juices to choose from – all with these fancy titles ‘with bits’, ‘without bits’, ‘added vitamins’, ‘from concentrate’, ‘not from concentrate’, we get dizzy just thinking about it.

We don’t just say we’re Really Fresh like the rest, the taste and natural flavours of our products PROVE we’re REALLY Fresh!

What’s the Difference?
We like to think of the juice pyramid and what’s on top is obviously the best. Guess where we fit?

Freshly Squeezed or Freshly Pressed – Up to 2 weeks old.
At Walshe’s we are proud to produce only the freshest juices, made fresh in Ireland and delivered straight to you. Our juice is fresh as a daisy, so to speak!

Not From Concentrate – Up to 12 months old.
NFC juices are squeezed and aseptically packed and stored until they are needed. This means that some juices are nearly 12 months old! Not that Fresh in our opinion!

Concentrate – up to 18 months old.
Concentrate Juices the oldest juice of the group! Concentrate juice is where most of the water is removed and added back at a later date, the concentrate alone can be 18 months old before it is used. Once the water is added back in and the product re- pasteurised they can get up to another 18 months shelf life? Is this fresh?